Monday, 18 November 2013


Dear friend, Parallel media is the only platform left to raise genuine issues and disseminate the real fact and honest information to the people and express ourselves as true representative of Indian populace in view of electronic and print media being sold out to obscene greed of power, post and property under pressure of anti-people system and being reduced to propaganda machinery of ruling classes. Friends on facebook have achieved unprecedented success in raising public issues and awareness and in making their voice of protest emphatically and unitedly these days. The unity you showed in busting the fraud of Nirmal Baba, protest again Delhi Rape case and Arrest of Kanwal Bharti and its impact on establishment has lead me and other friends to conclude that facebook can be used as tool of protest even more effectively. But Facebook has a short memory, what is so prominent in morning turns trifle passing through evening. At times, we miss important piece of poetry, essay or an article by friends. Very few articles come to our notice when shared by friends. Then it is possible only those articles to be liked, shared or commented upon.

I feel there is a solution for this problem, if we create a blog named pro-people solidarity forum against exploitation, oppression and communal hatred. There will be links of compositions, articles, national and international news of importance and its analysis with scope for elaborate discussion. Thus a reference place in internet will be there, where one can paste the link of his/her article with an introductory paragraph while writing on his/her own wall or blog.

In an era of information explosion, this medium can allow us to share more and more information keeping in view paucity of time. It is even easy and convenient to use the link there as reference in future.

The friends, who are supposed to lead this move, are responsible. They may decide on themselves. Decision will be taken on basis of consensus or majority as the ease may be. Instead of making a particular person admin, the password will be passed on to group of friends to make it as democratic as far as practicable. It is my opinion to keep the password accessible to maximum possible friends to insure democratic nature of the forum and thus its main purpose will be solved. I feel that some more responsible friends should be included in the team. Too big or too small a team may be problematic. A handful of person may control the decisions if too small a team is made. In a large team while decision-making, we may fight individualism due to which pro-people solidarity has been evasive for decades. This will ensure that no post will be discriminated against by someone due to prejudice or malice. Also, no unwanted element will be able to intoxicate the milieu in this space.

Today, when fascism is knocking at door again, this is the most important task ordained by history on us to get united against conspiracy of shrewd ruling classes and consolidate our efforts for resistance against this along with pro-people friends in this hard time. The collective effort to solve the intricacies of complex social fabric of present is the task ordained by history on us. This duty should be discharged in collective unison. If we succeed in solidarity endeavour, we can strengthen further the voice of resistance. Therefore, it is my humble request to participate actively in this collective initiative to run forum duly and impart it impetus in right direction which is formed for solidarity to combat exploitation, oppression and communal hatred. I have a solemn hope that despite our wide differences on many issues, we will able to be united at these three fronts. I even hope that after success at this stage, ensuing time will transform this into our revolutionary unity.

Please think and take initiative to own responsibility as a responsible member of this revolutionary team. You have to take this responsibility among other daily juggernaut because we cannot leave this would as a culprit of history being ridiculed in eye of coming generations. We expect getting emboldened by your active participation and leadership in this enterprise. 

Please consider the proposal and if you see some fault in it, point out along with your suggestions and rectifications. If you agree on these issues, please discuss about this endeavor with your friends and inform me about the friends whose consent is obtained so that they could be included in this endeavor. I don’t want that any friend or companion should feel dejected and left out after so much of waiting, labor and time devoted to it and whole experiment meets a fiasco before its inception being victim of politics of conceit. Take your time and name someone using your own discretion. So that it can be started with help of all the friends.

Some senior friends want participation of maximum number of friends on national level. For this, it should be translated into regional languages and should be shared. If you or your friend can translate into any language please take initiative for its translation. Such sharing will help in its publicity and dissemination.

One step is taken already. Now this is embarked upon as a blog created by Ashok Kumar Pandey Its link is The co-ordination team members can post directly to the blog. Other friends are requested to send their posts to the blog through email at This will be a bit inconvenient for you, but there is no way out, it seems to control unwanted posts. Link to email ( of this forum is given at right hand at blog icon for your convenience.

In coming days, we are going to have discussion of two days in a city or take further step in case of exigency. These meetings will make us come closer. Other friends active on facebook or outside facebook standing firmly on pro-people issues can also be invited. We shall try to inform you regarding our future plans and possible happenings, but you too are requested to click the link and visit the blog.
Till now, 340 friends have consented on the project and assured of their active participation.
I salute you with all my humility.
With thanks - Girijesh.

[Translated by Faqir Jay and edited.]

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